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Hamida Dakane 

It’s clear that learning needs to start well before kindergarten for our children to have the best
shot at life, and at the same time for every parent to be able to fully participate at their jobs, and
in their community, they need to know their children are safe and learning. This is why I support integrating headstart as well as after school and before school programs into the K-12 Schools across the state.

Better Pay, Address Workforce Barriers by Providing Childcare  

We have major workforce shortages across the state, childcare is one of the major barriers to
entry into the workforce. This is why I support fully funded childcare for all children in North


Every year life gets less affordable in North Dakota. Our city and state provide big developers
with massive tax breaks without ensuring housing is affordable. The result is massive profits for
developers while we struggle to make ends meet. If we live in constant fear of losing our housing because we cannot afford the cost, or because we may be thrown out for no reason at all, then we also cannot feel safe, secure, and free. This is why we must ensure that every 
human being has housing, and is able to fully live their rights to freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


  • Give every North Dakotan the right to buy the home or apartment they are renting if it is
    being sold (Also called “Right of First Refusal”)

    Expand investment in affordable workforce housing to make sure everyone can afford to

      live in North Dakota

   ● Stop landlords from raising rents at obscene          rates - many have seen their rents raise 50
      to 100% in just a few years
    ○ Return local control over rents and rental               regulations so they can keep landlords
       from taking every penny we earn.


    ● End Special Assessments, a massive burden          as large as a second mortgage

   ● Protect renters from unnecessary and unfair            evictions, and encourage cities to expand
      on these protections to fit the specific needs of        each community


Safe and Good Paying Jobs

In order to live a full and happy life we all need safe and good paying jobs. Jobs that we know
won’t cripple us, or put us at great risk, and jobs that will ensure we can afford the basic
necessities of life for ourselves and our families and at least a little bit more in order to fully
enjoy life -- to take our children on a vacation and learn about this amazing country, or to buy
them basic equipment to play sports and enjoy their childhood while building strength in body,
mind, and character which is so important for the future of our country. Without these we are
unable to be fully free, to fully live our lives, or to pursue happiness. This is why safe and good
paying jobs must be a minimum for every hard working American.

A Society and Economy that works 
For many of us our entire lives are structured by forces so much bigger than ourselves. Our
housing, food, money, time, jobs, and more are all heavily impacted or controlled by other
people or entities. They don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart. We feel lucky if we
believe our boss or manager cares about our lives, our freedom, and our happiness. We know
that our landlords see us first and foremost as a source of cash, not as individuals with feelings,
hopes, and dreams. We know that big banks and big wall-street corporations could care less
whether we live or die. We deserve a society and economy that works for all of us, not just for a
few at the top. We deserve this because everyone has a god given right to life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness, and we know at our core as long as these entities are able to pursue only
their own best interests no matter their impact on our freedoms, then we will not be free.


I believe in a Just and Free Society and Economy for All.

Join me in making this a reality.

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